Consumer and Small Business Programs

The NCBJ Annual Meeting is not just for chapter 11 professionals involved in highly complex cases. There will be plenty of programming for the professionals and judges who deal with consumer and small business cases. Here are some of the programs especially for this group:

The Consumer in Trouble: Turn Out the Lights – The Party’s Over

This program, moderated by Judge John W. Kolwe (WDLA), will provide a discussion of some of the more troubling issues that parties may face in consumer cases, such as defending against Rule 901l and 707(b) matters, invoking the Fifth Amendment, bankruptcy crimes, vexatious litigation, and denial or waiver of discharge. Austin’s chapter 13 standing trustee Deb Langehenning and attorney Veronica Brown-Moseley from Richmond, Va. will also participate.

Interesting Consumer Issues: When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble

Judge Patricia M. Mayer (EDPA) will moderate a lively discussion with Professor Angela K. Littwin (Univ. of Texas), and consumer attorney Rashad Blossom from Charlotte, NC., on current and interesting consumer issues which may include the use of carve-out settlements, non-monetary defaults, coerced debt, a debtor’s absolute right to dismiss her case, the power of chapter 13 trustees to recapture post-petition funds, and local rules running amok.

Hope or Hype: Examining the New Agency Guidance on Student Loan Dischargability

Join our distinguished panel of experts, Bankruptcy Judge Martin R. Barash (CDCA), Assistant U.S Attorney Raychelle Tasher ( Miami, Fla.) and National Consumer Law Center staff attorney John Rao, for an informative and engaging discussion examining whether the new DOJ guidelines on discharging student loan debt will provide help and hope for debtors struggling with that debt. Other student loan debt relief developments having an impact on the guidance will also be discussed.

Subchapter V: The Cutting Edge

This program, moderated by Bankruptcy Judge Hannah Blumenstiel (NDCA), will bring you up to speed on the most recent significant caselaw pertaining to cases filed under subchapter V. Panelists will also discuss the hottest legal issues and trends in subV cases.

Restructuring Small Businesses: Dodging the Horns of a Dilemma

Join Bankruptcy Judge Tiffany Geyer (MDFL) and three experienced small business attorneys as they demonstrate, though short vignettes, how to streamline a non-subchapter V small business case while navigating merchant cash advance and factoring issues and avoiding guaranty pitfalls.