Blackshear Presidential Fellows

Deadline To Apply: May 31, 2024

The National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges is delighted to bestow on the Honorable Cornelius Blackshear, a dear friend and esteemed colleague, the distinction of naming their minority fellowship program, the Honorable Cornelius Blackshear Fellowship Program. This program will provide an annual stipend/scholarship (up to 50% of eligible expenses, not to exceed $1500) for up to five minority attorneys to attend its annual meeting each year.
NCBJ Blackshear Fellows will receive a copy of this proclamation, along with their stipend/scholarship, to remind them of the illustriousness Judge Blackshear brought to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court bench as he distinguished himself by his renowned scholarship and development of bankruptcy jurisprudence.
Please click below for the Blackshear Proclamation and the “2024 Fellowship Criteria & Application”. Applications may only be submitted between May 1 and May 31, 2024 at 5 pm EST. The application and the supporting documents must be sent via e-mail to: Early or late applications will not be accepted.

Blackshear Fellowship Proclamation
Blackshear Fellowship Criteria and Application for 2024
Blackshear Alumni